Make Birthdays Magical

Loren uses magical illustrations to make parties amazing and fun. Whether it’s a small gathering or a full crowd, Make your birthday magical with an Epic Magic Show!

Adult Shows & Close Up

Whether it’s a Cocktail Party for mingling or a large gathering with a stage, Loren performs large and small shows or Close Up Strolling Magic for Birthdays of ALL Ages!

  • Comedy Sword Through Neck!
  • Saw a Guest In Half!
  • Escape the Stocks!
  • Incredible Card, Cash, and Coin Sleights!

Children’s Shows

Preschool, Elementary, Middle School or High School – Loren performs large and small shows for all ages sharing amazing magic in fun and memorable ways!

  • 30, 45, or 60 min Shows
  • Comedy Magic
  • Birthday Finales!

Party Favors & Magic Lessons

We’ve got you covered with age-appropriate Party Favors after a show, and FREE Magic Lessons!

Loren has dozens of close up presentations that can not only be performed at a party — they can be taught!

Close Up Magic Gifts & Lessons!

Have Loren attend your party and perform a Close Up presentation with a FREE Magic Lesson! Give Guests the Gift of Magic by teaching them how to perform and share themselves!

FREE Lessons!

After Party Lessons FREE with purchase of discounted magic tricks for guests after parties.

Online Videos with Ropes, Rings, Cards, Coins, Cash, Keys, Chips, Books, Lights, Sponges and much much more!

Become a Magical Party Host

As a party host, friend, or parent, signup on the email list and learn, make, and perform close up routines yourself and with your friends and Family for FREE!

It’s my heart to serve you.

Perform Yourself!

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