Make the Gospel Magical

Jesus used parables to illustrate truth.

Loren uses magical illustrations to teach God’s truth in a creative, and powerful way. “There’s no such thing as real magic,” Loren shares, but there are fun and amazing tools we can use that make our message easier to understand, remember, receive, and ultimately believe. Coupling story with the emotion of awe hits hearts and builds memories that endure to eternity.

Church and Christian School Shows

Whether it’s an Outreach Event, a Sunday Service, or a Christian School Assembly, Loren performs large and small shows for all ages sharing the Gospel in a way you won’t forget!

Close Up Classroom Lessons

Have a Sunday School Class, or a Private Christian School Lesson to teach?

Loren has dozens of close up presentations that can not only be performed in a lesson — they can be taught!

Gospel Presentations & Magic Lessons!

Have Loren attend your class and present a Close Up Gospel illustration followed up with a FREE Magic Lesson on how to perform and share it!

Costs include magic props for all attendees.

Parable of the Workers

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Use Ropes, Rings, Cards, Coins, Cash, Keys, Chips, Books, Lights, Sponges and more to share about things like:
The Fall of man, Redemption, The Trinity, Eternal Rewards, The Gospel of Jesus, Jesus Victory, Escaping Sin, Reading the Word, Praying, Unlocking Faith, Loosing Life to Save it, Bearing Much Fruit, Oneness in Christ, Fighting Sin, Sowing and Reaping, and much much more…

Get Equipped for Works of Service

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